SVC Pune


SVC Pune

Traditional Day

Traditional Day, was a vibrant and culturally rich event that celebrated the diverse heritage and traditions of the college community. Organized by the college’s Cultural Committee, the event aimed to

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Denim Day

Denim Day, observed as part of cultural week in the college.  It was a fashionable and meaningful event that aimed to raise awareness about sexual assault and support survivors. Organized

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Retro Day

Retro Day, held as part of the cultural week. It was a nostalgic and lively event that transported participants back in time to relive the iconic fashion and culture of

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Twins Day

Twins Day, held in the college as part of cultural week. It was a fun-filled and lively event that brought together twins. Organized by the Student Council, the event aimed

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Floral Day

The Floral Day celebration, was a colorful and vibrant event that brought together students, faculty, and staff to celebrate the beauty and diversity of flowers. Organized by the college’s Cultural

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