SVC Pune


November – 2022

Constitution day and student body installation

Fresher’s day was celebrated on 7th of November 2022 in the college campus. The students of F.Y.B.Com and F.Y.B.A were given fresher’s day party by the senior students. The main purpose of the program was to welcome the students to the college by creating a friendly atmosphere and making them comfortable in their new environment. Fresher’s day was also the occasion for the traditional day.

Freshers day

November 26th was celebrated as the constitution day in the college and was marked by a plethora of activities.  This day commemorates the adoption of the constitution of India in the year 1949 by the constituent assembly of India, with the constitution of India coming in effect from 26th January 1950. The aim of the celebration was to raise awareness and promote constitutional values amongst the younger generation. It was to make them aware of their rights and duties which are enshrined in the constitution and to enable them to be better and contributing citizens of this country. The event began by reading of the preamble by the director and the principal. Fr. Dr. Kenneth Misquitta SJ delivered the presidential address. An insightful keynote address was delivered by Advocate Shashikant Sansare on the constitution of India where he spoke on the framework of the constitution, its fundamental structure, rights of the citizens, fundamental rights, principles and duties of government institutions and citizens and the role of the constitution in making India a republic The constitution day was also the occasion for the installation of the student council members. The proposed president of the student council was introduced. Student council members were called on the stage and were given badges. This was followed by oath taking by the council members led by the UR. The ceremony was concluded by singing of the national anthem.

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