SVC Pune


Research & Innovation

Research and innovation are central to all the activities at St. Vincent College (Arts and Commerce). Students and staff are constantly involved in research and innovation in various academic and co-curricular activities. Some of the recent research and innovations in teaching and learning are shown below.

Awards – Dr Sushma Konde received the Hindi Bhasha Bhushan Puraskar. Dr. Konde is the sole recipient of the prize from Maharashtra. The award was given by Sahitya Manda, Shri Nathdwara, Rajasthan an institution recognized by the Rajasthan Government.

ICT classroom – The college has a few classrooms with ICT facility to supplement traditional teaching and eventually intended to replace traditional learning in the future. These ICT classrooms are equipped with new age smart boards to make process of learning more interactive, engaging and enjoyable.

Research Projects – One of the faculty member of the college, Dr. Gilbi John is involved in two research projects

  • Watershed management action research [2022-23]
  • Migrant assistance and information network ,survey [2022-23]
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