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The Society of Jesus came into existence in 16th century. For more than 450 years, education has been the focus of work for Jesuits. Since its inception, the Society of Jesus has been active in the field of education throughout the world. St. Ignatius of Loyola and the Jesuits after him have always promoted the full development of the human person in their approach to education. Thanks to Goa-Pune Provincial, Fr. Vincent de Souza SJ, the College was started in 1970 as Science Senior College with Ms. Olga Fernandes as the Principal. In 1973-74 when Fr. Romuald D’Souza SJ was the Provincial, the college switched from Science to Commerce with Fr. Walter de Souza SJ as the Principal. With an inspiration to develop the college, in 1979-80 we started the Junior College under the leadership of Fr. Leslie Almeida SJ, the Provincial of Goa-Pune. Due to the enthusiasm and never give up attitude of Fr. Walter de Souza SJ, in 1981-82 we started the Post Graduate Section (M. Com). This made St. Vincent College a full-fledged commerce college. The existence of the college and its necessity was called into question and a voting was done during the term of Fr. Matthew Ledarle SJ in 1985-86. However, the voting was in favor of the continuation of the college and thus the college survived and continued to cater the working youth of the city. The college introduced DBM Programme for two years during the time when Fr. Walter de Souza SJ was the Principal.

Principal, Dr. Olive Pinto set up the Girls Association ‘Mother Teresa Vidyarthini Manch’ in the year 2001. Prof. Michael Parmar took charge as ‘Officiating Principal’ from 01 October, 2006 and Fr. Thomas Ambrose SJ assumed the responsibility of Manager. Though Prof. Parmar could not complete his full service due to his illness (passed away in 2010), his presence and energy set in motion the formation of the Ex-Students Association (VINCA). Provincial, Fr. Bertram Rosario SJ gave the official approval for the formation of VINCA on 29 Jan, 2011 and it was officially registered on 24 May, 2012 with Mr. Laxman Tambe as the first President.

A new era dawned for the college under the leadership of Provincial, Fr. Bhausaheb Sansare SJ. Manager of the college, Fr. James Selvaraj SJ and Principal, Dr. Anil B. Adsule took steps to expand the college. It all began on 19 July, 2012 when the college inaugurated Diploma in Banking & Financial Management in collaboration with Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA), Chennai. On 01 August, 2012 the college introduced new specialization of ‘Business Administration’ for M. Com. Continuing with the spirit of expansion, on 01 August 2013, we started a ‘New Division’ and introduced another specialization of ‘Marketing Management’ for M. Com. In the academic year 2014-15, the Local Managing Committee of the college decided to discontinue the Diploma Programme with LIBA and seek affiliation for the same from Pune University. The Local Managing Committee also decided to discontinue the Special Subject ‘Marketing Management’ for M.Com. On 23 August, 2014 M.Com received Permanent Affiliation from Savitribai Phule Pune University for the specialization “Advanced Accounting and Taxation”. It took nearly 32 years to obtain the permanent affiliation. College News Letter ‘Streams’ and college annual magazine were re-started in the academic year 2010-11. The publication of Yearly Calendar and Academic Calendar too was introduced 2010-11. The college also launched the new face of its website in 2011-12.

In a land mark decision, on 8 August, 2014 the Local Managing Committee comprising of Fr. James Selvaraj, Dr. Anil Adsule, Prof. Joseph Panackal, Prof. Gilbi John, Prof. Franklin Salvi and Mr. Rudy Devanesan passed the resolution to seek the permission of the Provincial to start the ‘Day College’ for the under-graduate students and to convert the ‘Junior College’ from ‘Night’ to ‘Day’. In pursuit of this dream, the letter seeking the approval of the University and the Government of Maharashtra was sent in October 2014 (Jr.College 10/10/2014 & B.Com 31/10/2014).

In response to our request the Government of Maharashtra through the letter dated 26/6/2015 granted permission to CONVERT the Night Junior College to Day Junior College with granted posts. The College received the letter on 7 July, 2015. With this permission St. Vincent College will function as Day and Night College.

Time Line

  1. University First Rank : Mr. S. Kalyanaraman, 1982-83
  2. Zilla Parishad Football Champions – Junior College 1985-86
  3. Best Magazine Award  from Pune University : Academic Year 1988-89
  4. University Football Champions for three consecutive years from 2001 to 2003
  5. Installation of Vidyarthini Manch : Academic Year 2001
  6. Installation of AICUF : 02 February, 2011
  7. First Ever Inter-College Competition by SVCC : 12 & 13 August, 2011.
  8. State Level Champions : At St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai  in Sep, 2011
  9. St Vincent Rolling Trophy : September 2012
  10. Registration of Alumni (VINCA) : 24 May, 2012.
  11. National Level Champions : Sitare, at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai in Sep, 2013
  12. Tharseo Inter-College Fest : Academic Year 2011-12
  13. University Third Rank and First in Pune City : Ms. Akansha Jain in 2013-14
  14. First Sports Medal at Pune University by a Girl Student: Ms. Celine Morais in 2014-15
  15. Permission to start Day Junior College obtained on 7 July, 2015
  16. Shifting of campus to Shankarsheth Road in June 2018
  17. NAAC reaccreditation with ‘B’ Grade in October 2018
  18. New division in commerce in June 2020
  19. New stream – Bachelor of Art in August 2022
  20. Starting of Golden Jubilee year 2023
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