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Student Bodies

1. Student’s Council
St. Vincent College has an active and vibrant Students’ Council with representatives from all classes. The Students’ Council helps in the smooth functioning of the college by planning and executing all the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The Council acts as a bridge between the teachers and the student community by communicating the subjects of concerns for the students, consulting the students, gathering consensus and proposals, keeping the students informed of new activities, participating in various projects and encouraging the students to actively participate in the college

2. Mother Teresa Vidyarthini Manch
In 2001 ‘Mother Teresa Vidyarthini Manch’ Girls Association installed by principal Dr. Olive Pinto. The purpose of the Mother Teresa Vidyarthini Manch is to promote the empowerment of women and it aims at making them self-reliant and independent. Mother Teresa Vidyarthini Manch conducts various activities throughout the year to achieve its purpose. The Vidyarthini Manch carries conducts various activities and is supervised by a faculty member and a member of the administrative staff. It is also involved in cultural competitions, canteen day and women’s day programs.

The all India catholic university federation (AICUF) is an organisation of Catholic University Students. It came into existence in 1924, at St. Joseph College, Tiruchirappalli and operates in 15 states in India. The AICUF’s vision is “to sensitize students towards those at the margins and involve ourselves in the struggle for their basic rights by equipping ourselves physically, intellectually and spiritually while networking with NGOs and peoples’ movements”.
The Pune unit of AICUF was revived by Fr. James Selvaraj SJ on 2nd February 2011 at St. Vincent College. The unit was animated by Sch. John Mezsia SJ. Dr. Gilbi John. Mr. Franklin Salvi of St. Vincent College, Pune was the National Convener of AICUF in 2012-16. St. Vincent College (Arts and Commerce) hosted the National AICUF Camp in May at Social Centre, Ahmednagar.

4. Training & Placement Cell
Training and Placement Cell is an integral part of St. Vincent College. At St. Vincent’s College (Arts and Commerce), we facilitate the betterment of lives by imparting quality arts and commerce education to the working youth, without them having to compromise on their means of sustenance. The college has all the required infrastructure and excellent facilities for students to pursue their studies and prepare themselves for a better career.
Training activities are organized throughout the year in an effort towards preparing the prospective students for the campus selection programmes. The college now offers M.S. Office and Tally to students to enhance their computer and accountancy skills along with regular training in soft-skills. The objective of the Training and Placement Cell is to ensure 100% employment of all the students graduating from our college. We also conduct guest lectures and workshops on Personality Development, Career Guidance, Time Management, Life Style Management, Stress Management, and other such topics.

5. Sports committee
St. Vincent College assigns equal importance to sports activities along with academics. Sports is essential for the all-round development of the students. Keeping this need in mind the sports committee is framed whose function is to encourage, promote and coordinate sports activities in the college and outside the college. The committee organizes regular sports events with a view to train and prepare the students for inter college and state level competitions. The committee also identifies and communicates with the faculty members about talented students who could be nurtured by the college. Besides these functions the committee also checks and informs the students and faculty members of the upcoming and current events. The committee is composed of student representatives from all the classes.

6. Literature club
Literature club is a voluntary body of students who have a knack for reading and writing. The club members meet regularly and discuss and share various books amongst their members. The club members also share their writings and invite suggestions and critique from the other members of the club for improving their linguistic and writing skills. The focus of the club is on nurturing and blossoming of the creative side of the students. The topics discussed are not limited to literature but can extend into the realm of other social sciences and even issues of daily life.

7. Entrepreneurship Development Cell [EDC]
Entrepreneurship is vital to the consistent economic development of the country. Cultivating the environment and mindset of entrepreneurship is essential to nation building as a strong economy is a sign and projection of the nation’s status in the world. The entrepreneurship development cell aims to contribute its part to the country by helping the students with guidance, knowledge and counseling through the mentorship of faculty members, industry experts and coordinators. It organizes awareness programs, seminars, workshops, corporate exposure; industry visits and facilitates interactions with industry experts. All these programs are conducted with a view to open the students mind to the possibility of entrepreneurship and startups. It helps them by providing them with the right direction and the ability to articulate their thoughts

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